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Get free paint samples, plus enjoy free DIY tips and videos, all for one low monthly price… Plus free deliveries on all orders.


An online Paint and Hardware subscription service to make your life easier to serve your contracting, building, and renovations.

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How it works ?

As soon as a customer has subscribed to any package, the value begins: immediately a customer will be given the choice of his free 20L of paint and it will be shipped to them the next day for free.

Whatever is ordered through the subscription going forward will be shipped for free too!

Watch the video.

Choose the plan that’s right for you

Exclusive Subscription perks that never run out

An online Paint and Hardware subscription service to make your life easier.

Fresh Ideas

Introducing Paint Prime is the first of its kind, a ground-breaking new way to serve your contracting, building and renovations.
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Prime D.I.Y.

Something for everyone...

Housewives, house flippers, home renovators.

  • Free delivery
  • Discounted accessories
  • Free DIY tips videos
  • Free 20L of paint monthly
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Prime Decorator

For the professional...

Interior decorators, Interior designer, bloggers

  • Free delivery
  • Free samples and tester pots
  • Free fandecks (colour charts)
  • First to test the latest colour, products, and trend ideas
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Prime Pro

For Contractors...

Private and Government Contractors

  • Access to exclusive content
  • Each 20L is shipped with a free accessory
  • Bulk discounts 
  • Premium delivery to building sites
  • Personal professional assistant
  • Purchase specific perks

    Free 20L

    Free 20L of High-Quality paint
    on day one and every month.

    Free samples

    Thousands of free samples at your fingertips.

    Free paint and discounted products, always.

    Something for everyone....

    At Paint Prime, our aim is to add value to you, the subscriber. We are the first of its kind because we are born from the idea that the customer needs value. We want you to garnish as much as you can out of the Prime subscription that you have.

    As Paint Prime grows the more we can offer and the value our loyal subscribers will get will grow to.

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    Committed to People, Committed to Class.

    Brought to you by Hyper Paint (PTY) Ltd.

    The paint experts for over 40 years, with 6 stores around Johannesburg.
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    Something for everyone…
    Choose the plan that’s right for you.
    • Devoted to your home?
    • Committed to interior decorating?
    • A Building contractor?

    There is a plan tailor-made for you.

    Sign up Options

    Exclusive Subscription perks that never run out.

    Committed to People, Committed to Class.

    A kaleidoscope of free colours at your finger tips

    All deliveries free. With a free 20L of finishing paint, or free samples of paint – or both

    Frequently Asked Questions.

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    What is a Paint Prime subscription and what are it's benefits?
    A Paint Prime subscription is the first of its kind, free paint, free delivery, accumulative deals. New perks are added all the time, so there’s always something new to look forward to. Enjoy exclusive member deals and discounts. Get, hints and share ideas on an exclusive members forum.
    Is Paint Prime available to me?
    If you live in South Africa, Paint Prime is available to to serve  you now! For African countries, watch this space we will be serving your region soon!
    How soon can I start using your service?
    You can sign up right now, click here to choose a package for you, As soon as you choose your package, your free paint tin is on it’s way
    How long do I have to wait for my free 20L of paint?
    We promise next day dispatch, So as soon as you sign up we will fulfil your prime perks
    How do I stop recurring billing?

    The recurring billing feature is switched on by default, meaning you’ll automatically pay for a new subscription period when your current period ends. You will have to manually cancel in your profile menu.

    How do I start my Paint Prime subcription?

    Click here to choose the package for you

    How long does a subscription last?

    A subscription starts from the day you sign up and lasts for 30 days until the next auto-renewal. Unless a subscription is cancelled before the renewal date.

    How long am I locked in for?

    No contracts, cancel anytime. No cancelation fees

    If i cancel mid-plan am i still entitled to perks?

    If you cancel a subscription you are still entitled to your free 20l (if not shipped yet), the discounts and perks your plan provides for, however, long the subscription has left.

    After I join Paint Prime, can I still pick up in store?

    Paint Prime is powered by Hyper Paint, the paint specialists for over 40 years. If you would like to come in, yes of course any of the six branches would be happy to help. As a Paint Prime member, you have free delivery on all orders, if you want you can come in choose your products and we will deliver.

    Can I Return my free 20L of paint?

    Yes, you can return a paint can if it has not been opened, in fact, you can return any product that is standard and has not been open or used, Prime Decorator and Prime Pro subscribers can even return mixed colors.

    What if I don’t need my free 20L right now?

    Because you are a Paint Prime subscriber you are entitled to wonderful perks, like a free 20L of paint every month, if you do not take a 20L in one month, it will carry over to the next month and accumulate. For example, if you do not request your free 20L for 3 months, you will have 80L free in month 4!

    How much does delivery cost?

    Because you are a Paint Prime subscriber every single one of your deliveries is free! No matter how much or how little you order

    OK , I have A Prime subscription, how do I choose my free colours?

    Once you have an activated Paint Prime subscription, you have access to the premium shop. Here you can choose your free colour as well as other discounted items you are now the benefit of.


    Alternatively, you can come into any Hyper Paint branch, choose your free color, take it with you or ask for it to be delivered.

    Where do I chose my free colour?

    Click here to log in and enjoy your benefits

    What If I'd like to Upgrade or Downgrade my Subscription?

    You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription quite easily if you amend the subscription service package on your profile, You may also send us a request via email to sales@paintprime.co.za.

    Your upgrade/downgrade will only be processed the month after your free 20L has been sent, try to update before we send it out.

    I am a Prime Decorator, if I choose one perk, I am locked into tho that product monthly

    No, you can alternate your perk products. You are not limited to what you can get free monthly.


    month one You request a free Rockgrip Supertex

    month two: You may  request  a free Bergermaster Soft Sheen

    month three: You can request any of the above or free colour samples, up to 10L

    I Have a Paint prime Pro Subscription, How does cash back work?

    Prime Pro is the ultimate subscription for your bulk paint needs, for every 80 liters purchased, you will get R250,00 back for your next purchase.

    That means when your purchases exceed 480L or 24 x 20L of paint. You would have got back R1250,00. Insane value!

    for every 80L bought you get R250,00 off your next purchase
    literage Accumulated Cash Back x20L
    80  R                         250.00 4
    160  R                         500.00 8
    240  R                         750.00 12
    320  R                       1 000.00 16
    480  R                       1 250.00 24


    What if I only purchased 70L of paint this month, on my PRO Subscription?

    Not to worry, your litrage perks carry over.

    If you purchased 70 liters of paint in one month, you only need to buy another 10 liters in the next month to get your  R250,00 cashback perk, as long as you have not canceled your PRO subscription.

    I have a PRO subscription, what products is my cashback limited to?

    NO limitations, All paint purchased is added to the litrage of your package.

    You buy it, you deserve the perks.

    I have a PRO subscription, Can i only get cashback if i buy 20L quantities of paint.

    No limitations on litrage. You can buy 1L, 5L, or 20L’s and it will contribute to your cashback perks.

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    Can't find an Answer?

    Request a call, chat online and more coming soon, or send us an email.

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